Well Designed Kitchen

The Homeowner’s Guide to Preparing for Your Kitchen Renovation

The Homeowner's Guide to Preparing for Your Kitchen Renovation

Well Designed Kitchen

If you’re ready to start making your kitchen renovation dreams a reality, you’ve come to the right place. From what to pack to how to set up a temporary kitchen, we’ve rounded up some helpful tips to prepare you for the big day. While a remodel may seem daunting, there are a few easy things you can do to make the process seamless. 

A kitchen remodel doesn’t have to be stressful. With these easy tips below you’ll be on your way to a beautiful kitchen that not only boosts your quality of life but also significantly increases your property value. Let’s jump in and help you prep for the kitchen of your dreams.

Consider a Temporary Stay

Your beautiful kitchen renovation will be a temporary displacement that’s well worth the time spent away. If you’re able to for a portion of the renovation, consider a temporary stay out of the house. Some homeowners find it helpful to get out of the house for all or a portion of the renovation period.

This isn’t possible for every situation but for some, this is a great time to take a long vacation, stay in a short-term vacation rental, or stay with family. You may be surprised to find short-term vacation rentals in your own hometown that offer discounted rates for longer stays.

If you have children in school or an in-person job, this will allow you and your family to stay close to home. You can travel to work, school, and activities as you normally would near your house. This can take a lot of stress off your shoulders trying to keep small children out of the construction zone.

If you’re able to take a long vacation, this might be the perfect time to do so. Coordinate your holiday trip or long travel plans to overlap a portion of the renovation. This is a great opportunity to get out and see a new place. If you have a cottage or holiday home in your family, this is another option to get out of your home temporarily.

Pack and Purge

Before you remodel a kitchen, you may want to take the opportunity to go through your drawers and cabinets. This will not only help you empty your kitchen before demolition or construction but it will also help you free up clutter.

To start, take everything out of your drawers and cabinets. Make three piles for items you want to keep, donate, or recycle and trash. Everything you keep can be packed away for post-renovation. Everything you want to donate can be bagged to deliver to a donation center. Everything else can be recycled or put in the trash.

Consider when the last time was you used each item and whether you need it. Purging will feel great and do wonders for your stress levels. You’ll enjoy your clutter-free renovation and be able to start fresh in your new space without all the mess.

Create a Temporary Kitchen

It’s not always possible or necessary to leave your kitchen during the entire renovation. During the time you’ll be in the home during the kitchen remodel, it’s helpful to set up a temporary kitchen. This means moving a refrigerator or using another one in the home while also giving you a place to store food and basics.

Your temporary kitchen may include a fridge, sink, and microwave. You’ll also want a small table or counter space for prep and storage. You can keep your essential food and kitchen items with you to get you through the temporary dislocation.

Anything you need for school lunches, work, breakfast, dishwashing, and snacks can be set up here. Many homeowners use a laundry room, basement, or even a space near another sink to create their temporary kitchen.

Make Yourself a Cooking Centre

In your temporary kitchen, you’ll also want to set up a cooking station. While ordering food delivery or eating out is always an option, it will be hard to do on a daily basis. Consider what you need to cook or prepare essentials.

A cooking center will often include a microwave, a coffee pot, an electric teapot, and portable cooking appliances. These can be griddles, toasters, toaster ovens, slow cookers, and an air fryer. This gives you a way to prepare your basic food items, coffee, and tea, without needing to buy outside food for every meal.

The more you can set up outside of your main kitchen, the easier this temporary transition will be. Soon enough you’ll be enjoying your beautiful, new kitchen, with everything you’ve been dreaming of.

Don't Forget Your Go-To Items

Before you set up your temporary kitchen and cooking center, you’ll want to grab all your basics. Basics could include coffee mugs, utensils, a few plates, and glasses. Using disposable items can also help temporarily.

You may also want to include dishwashing supplies, towels, and storage containers for leftovers or pre-prepared items. You can also label all the boxes you packed from your kitchen to ensure you can find something if you need it.

Before you pack your kitchen completely, mark what each box contains. Not only can this help you find something temporarily, but it can also help you unpack when your beautiful new kitchen is complete. After the kitchen remodelers are finished you can start to unpack easily knowing which box contains plates, cups, serving ware, and more.

Let's Start Your New Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen renovation is a fun and exciting time. It’s finally time to see your kitchen dreams come true. With a little preparation and time spent out of your main kitchen, we’ll be able to come in and get down to business creating your dream kitchen.

If you’re ready to kick off your kitchen remodel in the Saskatoon and Saskatchewan areas, fill out the contact form here. We have kitchen designers ready to start making your kitchen dreams a reality.